Hayden Pool Service answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers about pool service & repair. Please click on the (+) to reveal the answer and the (–) to hide it.

What should I be doing between visits?

Empty the skimmer baskets and Polaris bag as needed. In the fall and spring, the leaves can get so heavy that they can block skimmer flow. This will cause the pump to run dry, damaging the pump.

What is CYA (stabilizer) and why do I have to drain my pool to remove? Why is it there in the first place?

With outdoor pools Stabilizer (CYA) plays an important part in the effectiveness of the Chlorine. CYA acts as a sunblock for the Chlorine keeping it active in the water for a much longer period of time. Without CYA all the Chlorine put into a pool would be gone within hours in the Texas sun.

When CYA gets over 100 Parts Per Million it makes the Chlorine ineffective. The way to calculate the locked chlorine in a pool is CYA*.07=Locked Chlorine. This means that if a pool has CYA of 100 that pool will need a Chlorine level greater than 7 to have any active Chlorine in the pool. There is no product that removes CYA from a pool, so the only recourse to lower the CYA level is to dilute with freshwater or drain completely.

CYA (Stabilizer) enters the pool through the use of Chlorine Tablets that maintain the Chlorine level throughout the time between visits. Chlorine lasts 2 days at most even with CYA helping with the UV loss. Chlorine Tablets allow us to maintain chlorine levels throughout the week by using the blue floaters and inline feeders at the equipment. The only replacement we have that effectively eliminates tablets is the use of a chemical feeding system. This system removes Tablets by dosing the pool with the required daily Chlorine and Acid as needed, but instead of using tablets they use Liquid Chlorine.

Why is there Chlorine in my Salt pool?

A salt pool is a chlorine pool. Salt is broken down by the Salt Generator into two parts, one a highly Basic Ion, and the other is Chlorine.

Why is there a Chlorine Floater on my Salt pool?

You may see a Chlorine Floater in your Salt pool (Blue Floater) because the pool needs more chlorine than the salt system can generate. Some of the more common reasons a pool may not be generating enough chlorine are as follows: Run time is too short to produce enough chlorine; the Salt Cell needs to be cleaned; water flow is too slow for chlorine generation; the salt cell is too small for the pool. There are many other issues that can happen in a Salt Generator as well.

What to do during freezing weather (for a pool anything below 35 degrees fahrenheit)

Make sure that the pump is running. You can check this by going out to the pool and seeing if the water is moving, or you can go back over by the equipment. If the pumps are off the water will freeze in the equipment and plumbing causing damage.

My pool is off and it is freezing

If you have a timer system, flip the on/off switch located on the right side of the timmer below what would be the 5 on a normal clock. This should run your pump until the Timer reaches the end of its cycle. This means there was most likely a problem with the freeze guard and will need a Repair Technician to fix.

Where should my water level be?

Halfway up the tile line, so that the skimmer is halfway covered. If the water is too high the skimmers won't function properly, and too low the skimmers will suck air, damaging the pump.