There will come a time when every pool will need a bit of a makeover, and the renovation and remodeling experts at Hayden Pool Service are here to help.  Whether you are looking to modernize your poolscape, enhance its safety or just feel like it’s time for new plaster, we will transform your existing pool into one which meets your lifestyle and budget. We specialize in Plaster remodels, Tile replacement, and Mastic replacement. 

Increase the Safety and Efficiency of Your Pool

Enhancing the appearance of your pool isn’t the only reason to give it an update. Hayden Pool Service makes sure that your pool is safe for you and your guests by replacing old fixtures and plumbing, installing pool lighting and safety covers, and removing old diving boards. 

We also replace aged pool and inefficient components with the latest and most innovative pumps, heaters, chlorination systems, and cleaning systems so that you can optimize energy use while reducing the amount of time and money you need to spend maintaining it.

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2008 deals with the safety of the suction side of spas and pools. The design of drain covers was changed to lower the chance of entrapment on the main drain and other suction lines. By installing VGB certified drain covers you will bring your pool back up to compliance and make it safer for everyone enjoying it. 

Rejuvenate your poolscape with Hayden Pool Service and give us a call at 214-361-7665 today!

Mastic (Deck-O-Seal)

The expansion joints surrounding a pool needs to be properly sealed to prevent damage to the deck and coping of the pool. Installing mastic will prevent moisture from both rain and pool usage from getting below the deck causing uneven movement and cracking. Mastic also allows for the deck to shift without damaging the pool coping. By limiting the movement of the deck with mastic we also are protecting the tile, as the most common reason tiles fall off is the shifting of the surrounding deck. Mastic will improve the life of the deck and coping as well as the tile. Put more simply, your pool, deck, and tile need a small margin of space to expand and contract with weather; Pool mastic provides that space.


During your initial consultation with us, we will survey your property and take the existing poolscape and landscaping into consideration when drawing up your pool renovation plans. This will consist of measurements as well as an equipment check. Nothing worse than having a bad filter or deteriorating heater ruin your new plaster job! Once we pick the plaster right for your pool we can get started. We operate our plaster business in the fall and the spring.

In recent years the quality of plaster has deteriorated. This is due to a law change regarding the “filler” material in concrete. This allows concrete to have up to 17% inert material. On our roads this makes no difference, but underwater is a different thing entirely. We use a special blend of Plaster that is consistent to make sure the quality of plaster you receive is the highest and will last you years.


We offer full replacement as well as tile repair in certain cases. For the tile consult we take measurements of the area where tile replacement is desired. We also take note of the shifting of the deck and surrounding land. If one tile has fallen off chances are there are many more that have weak bonds. This is due to water penetration on the deck and the shifting of the surrounding landscape. We then work with you to find the appropriate solution for your budget that will make your pool look brand new again!